I use the power of spiritual alchemy, storytelling therapy,

and the light of intuition, empathy, and wisdom

to guide you through your writing adventure or healing journey. 


Alchemy is defined as a process by which lead is chemically transformed into gold. The great alchemists of antiquity were considered wizards who used the power of the elements of water, fire, earth, and air to create new combinations and inventions. Philosophically, alchemy has been used to explain the psychological processes of self-actualization. Instead of turning lead to gold, the spiritual alchemist turns lower base desires and stagnation into enlightenment and ascension.

Through writing, the forces of transmutation and transfiguration become possible. The act of releasing emotions, feelings, and thoughts in the form of recorded words is an act of mastery. By purging that which has caused discomfort and pain, you clear your inner world, which inevitably leads to restoration and recovery.


My job is to be a conduit for these alchemical processes. I will function as a guide walking you through your writing adventure or healing journey. I will apply therapeutic methods and techniques when I write for you or work with you spiritually. Additionally, I will provide counsel and insight when requested.

I offer healing services that help you awaken you to your life's truest potential. Each of these services uses the power of the written word to conjure a deeper and more therapeutic chronicle of your journey into the light. It is my pleasure and passion to unveil the mystical and metaphorical symbols present in each transformation you take.


Depending on the service, I will use storytelling therapy to write a personalized, imagery-filled story about the healing quest you undertake while working with me. Myth and metaphor are the language of the subconscious. Because of this, the symbols used in each healing story serve as immediate reminders of the profound steps you've taken to evolve into a healthy, whole human being. Reading and re-reading these stories will function as healing tools far into the future.

The service that started the idea for this site and these healing modalities was inspired by Myth Alchemy for Healing. This service uses the metaphors and symbolism of a person's life to transform relationships and self-awareness. We live in a world that no longer relies on the power of myth, a travesty according to profound figures such as Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and Rollo May. These men believed that things like anxiety and depression were a result of this loss, and that in order to access unity within the collective consciousness, a return to the power of myth would be necessary. 


The ancients relied on storytelling in order to harness a deeper understanding of existence. These stories inspired and brought clarity, this is because individuals were able to see themselves through archetypal perspective. Just as dreams provide insight and introspection, myths awaken the unconscious to who and what we truly are as spiritual beings living a human existence.

Each healing service is unique and comes with its own interactive workbook via Google docs. Additionally, each healing service provides the option of including Myth Alchemy for Healing as the grand finale to the therapeutic process. 

“Mythology is not a lie, mythology is poetry, it is metaphorical.

It has been well said that mythology is the penultimate truth—

penultimate because the ultimate cannot be put into words.

It is beyond words. Beyond images,

beyond that bounding rim of the Buddhist Wheel of Becoming.

Mythology pitches the mind beyond that rim,

to what can be known but not told.” 


― Joseph Campbell

As a freelance writer in the spirituality, self-help, and memoir niches, I can help with your projects. I am a proficient ghostwriter, poet, journalist, lyricist, screenwriter, editor, academic writer, and consultant.


​I offer three unique writing services. Myth Alchemy, Personalized Book Gifts are fun, short stories written with your loved one as the protagonist in whatever genre (or combination of genres) you wish. Memoir Metamorphosis is an intensive, therapeutic approach to memoir writing, and Myth Alchemy for Healing can be used to tap into the most influential archetypes, symbols, and imagery you'd liked used in your project. We can write a story about the journey of your work in order to locate clarity and stir the creativity pot. 

“The true alchemists

do not change lead into gold;

they change the world into words.” 
― William H. Gass

If you are looking for a progressive, transpersonal, and symbolic-rich approach to healing or writing, contact me now, and let's get started! The use of myth and alchemy will transform the way you perceive life. This in turn will help you view existence in an entirely new light, leading you down an exciting, regenerative, and inspiring path of self-love and spiritual awakening.