“I trace the origin of dreams back to age-old mythological influences. Deriving from our remotest ancestors, there slumber in all of us subconscious memories which awaken at night and seek to compensate the false attitude modern man has towards nature.”

—Carl Jung

In this service, you will write down your dreams for a week to a month, throughout which I will analyze your subconscious and provide life insight.


I will also help you explore the art of lucid dreaming.


By tapping into the visions of your psyche, we can uncover what your higher power is trying to tell you.


This can show you your life purpose as well as the mystical bonds you share with others.


Through this process, you will naturally rebel from the waking world's illusions and distractions and find yourself jumping head first into an ocean of truth and awareness. If you are open to it, we can use divination and other spiritual tools to tap into the deeper meanings of your dreams.  


If you would like a spiritual story written about your experiences throughout this service, I am available to do this. Creating a story will help you return to the powerful feelings and transformations you experienced throughout this process. Reading your story can help you if you need a reminder of how to tap into your life truth in the future.