It is my feeling that our greatest truth lies within ourselves as what the Hindus and pantheists refer to as "the god within." I will never make you question that personal knowing or truth. This is your spirit, and my job is to help you tap into it, not conform to any type of groupthink system outside of it.  


In order to truly overcome chronic pain, sickness, disease, or mental illness on a physiological level, we need to address the metaphysical cause. Through holistic awareness we will discover the underlying influences of the mental (subconscious), emotional (buried traumatic feelings from the past), and spiritual realms (energies at work that we cannot see but can be uncovered through dreamwork, meditation, guided imagery, and the power of storytelling therapy). 

I promise to bring healing and awareness to your situation with love, courage, and techniques that work by fusing science with spirituality. The inclusion of the terms "clairvoyant, clairsentient, and claircognizant" in the about section is to indicate these word's etymologies, which mean: "clear sight, clear feeling, and clear knowledge." These type of extrasensory perceptions are much more scientific than nonsensical, and they have taken me nearly twenty years of hard work and dedication to develop on a practical level. 


With great advances in neuroplasticity and the amazing ability to correct and reconnect neural pathways, we have infinitely more potential than we think we do. Our gut instincts are felt in our second brain, the stomach, which is lined with neurons. The heart is filled with neurons too. All is connected, and through fascinating research into quantum physics, we are also discovering that every single cell and atom in our bodies holds intelligence and energy. We're just barely tapping into the awesome potential for extremely advanced possibilities, including the radical capabilities of our species. 

Over the years, I have offered thousands of divination and astrology readings. I have helped many discover the reasons behind relationship issues, health concerns, existential crises, and how to heal from past wounds. 


If you are uncertain about which service to pick and you'd like some guidance, consider The Alchemical Voyage route. This involves an initial therapeutic session to see what is going on in your life and what direction we should take for healing. We can then walk through each service/step together for a highly transformative and life-changing experience. 


YOUR METAPHYSICAL IMPRINTS includes your personal, cosmically-influenced energies containing your numerology, your astrological personality, and seven major divination guides  (archetype, power animal and elementals, and celestial teachers).


MYTH ALCHEMY FOR HEALING is a mythological process in which a symbolic story is written about your current situation in order to gain clarity. This service uses the metaphors and analogies of your life to bring healing.  


WIND-WATER CLEANSING uses the power of Feng Shui to clear your soul, instincts, body, and mind of clutter or toxic energy. 


DREAM REBELLION is a process that helps you remember dreams, learn to lucid dream, and discover what your subconscious and higher power want you to know about your life. 


REGENERATIVE JOURNAL THERAPY is a process that helps you uncover internal confusion and sheds light on your true goals, desires, and healing needs. It can also just be used as an incentive to journal and learn how to write about yourself in a productive and clarifying way. 

Get in touch with me below, and let's begin this healing journey together. I guarantee that any one of these processes will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and inspired to get back to what you value most!