It is extremely difficult to write a memoir. I see so many job offers on Upwork from clients and first-time writers who desperately want to write their memoirs, but nine times out of ten, they barely even glance back at it to hire a freelancer and get the project started. This is because most people who write memoirs have something troubling in their past that has brought them to a place of transformation. Even travel and adventure memoirists tell the tales of darker, stagnant existences lived before discovering the new, invigorating ones they find themselves in.   


Like the superhero and the mythology of the superhero, aspiring memoirists have endured pains and losses in their lives, which has spurred them towards a desire to share their story with the world. This is because they tapped into and discovered a strange but brightly lit jewel inside of them amidst their traumas and sorrows. They also discovered through intense life experiences their own unique superpowers. 


The problem for many who wish to write their memoirs is that they do not realize how deep and profound of a process this really can be. They don’t realize that it’s going to be a little tough and possibly even a bit earth-shattering. It's uncomfortable to feel the past, which is why most people don’t want to do the work necessary to reflect on it and record it. It’s human nature, even our brains repress the past memories of trauma and degradation to protect us from possible unpleasant effects on the mind, emotions, and the body. However, if you really want to heal—writing a memoir is the most cathartic way of doing it.


Memoir Metamorphosis incorporates healing techniques so that as you and I write your memoir, you can use tools to help you take on what you can at your own pace. These tools also allow you to tap into subconscious feelings and intuitive awareness in order to bring inspiration, creativity, and imagination to your life’s work of art.


The most important component of Memoir Metamorphosis is utilizing a meditation designed specifically for memoir writing. This process involves deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and guided imagery to help you connect to truth and healing energy, as well as give yourself space to remember the past and understand how it is affecting your present life and your future.

Other Memoir Metamorphosis tools and services include:


Implementing Myth Alchemy for Healing.


Questionnaires for getting to know you and your likes to understand who you are symbolically.


Provided references for understanding those who have experienced similar adventures and situations through media such as books, blogs, and movies. 


Spiritual Readings upon request.  



Typically the first week or two will rely heavily on these tools and services, as well as my getting to know you and your story before beginning to write. Of course, if inspiration strikes we’ll start writing if and when it calls for it. This is a very organic experience, and every client is different. I will tailor Memoir Metamorphosis to you, your story, and your specific needs and passions. This is about a four-month process, completing around 20k words a month. 

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