• Katie Dawn Anderson


Updated: Jun 20, 2019

propaganda snuffs out my spark

so, I do too

when time disappears and I drowned in soul

but all I have is void

in the spaces between after and before

I’ve replaced feelings with crutches

even though they were never broken

or perhaps they were

lost between sinew and bone

preserved by the moon

camouflaged, contained

by the illusion of soon

a swish

a swivel

a breath

violins speak of death

and my heart explodes again

until the mechanisms resume their sin

and I let them

oh god, I let them

this masquerade

this charade of ease

these delusions of being one

who walks the path of peace

I try

we try

I cry

we all cry

while sabotaging personal beauty

kidnapping our own victories

and stealing the depths of integrity

for a brainwashed desire for superficiality

just so we can be like them:

psychopaths, megalomaniacs

our “teachers”

our “leaders”

our “friends”

I’ve been choking on the fumes of apathy

and all these noxious effects of a false reality

I've been bitten by meaninglessness

charmed into a vampiric death

charmed by conformity

intuition, please save me

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