I am passionate about meaning and bringing insight to others. For years I have been working as an editor and freelance writer, specifically within the spirituality niche. I have ghostwritten spiritual fiction novels; science-fiction, mystery, fantasy, and romance novels; as well as memoir and non-fiction books, blogs, and articles for clients. I also just branched out into screenwriting. I offer writers consultation for their stories, novels, blogs, memoirs, articles, poems, or whatever else they need help with. I can help deepen a plot or bring about symbolism and purpose from the writer by helping them tap into the enthusiasm for their project.

I love to guide writers on their individual journey into creating. Everyone has a different path and a different vision, and it's beautiful to watch others tap into their own imagination. I am adept at focusing on the initial fuel that brought the writer to the point of wanting to share their message with the world. This fuel feeds my inspiration and inner fire, which then brings additional zest and excitement to the work. 

In order to give my all to your project, I meditate before working on it so that I can have a clear mind and fresh imagination when jumping into the writing. 



I'm here to help, and I will make sure that as a writer I precisely channel your specific vision.

Get in touch below and shoot me a message about your current project. Together let's bring your awesome idea to life!  






MYTH ALCHEMY, PERSONALIZED BOOK GIFTS are fun, short stories written with your loved one as the protagonist in whatever genre (or combination of genres) you wish.


MEMOIR METAMORPHOSIS is an intensive, therapeutic approach to memoir writing.


MYTH ALCHEMY FOR HEALING can be used to tap into the most influential archetypes, symbols, and imagery that you'd liked used in your project. We can write a story about the journey of your project in order to locate clarity as well as stir the creativity pot.